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New ASTM standard supports use of silica in tire, promotes sustainability

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Update time : 2016-06-01 16:53:33

A new ASTM standard will be used to test the quality of silica, a raw material that forms the base for “greener” tires. Tire companies and silica producers will be the primary users of the new standard (D8016, Test Method for Silica, Precipitated, Hydrated — Sears Number). According to ASTM member Jorge Lacayo-Pineda, silica technology improves performance in tire-rolling resistance without deterioration in braking performance. This leads to better fuel efficiency, as well as a reduction in carbon dioxide emission in cars. Rubber companies, the main users of precipitated silica, can improve their specifications and ensure product quality by testing to the new standard, he says. The ASTM subcommittee that created D8016 plans to perform round robin testing next spring to evaluate the new standard’s precision. Rubber company labs, silica producers and academic institutions are encouraged to join. Participants in the study will be given samples to analyze according to the new standard.